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Nutrition Solid Foods in the Diet

In simple terms , foods that contain high nutritional value , but low in calories for a certain amount , expressed as a nutrient-dense foods . In other words , a diet rich in nutrients ( vitamins , minerals , proteins and carbohydrates ) , but with a very low amount of calories . The best example of nutrient-dense foods are apples , peanut butter , strawberries , and broccoli . This food has a moderate amount of calories and full of nutrition .

Eating nutrient dense foods every day is a healthy choice and has long-term health benefits . Some nutrient-dense foods that should be consumed each day is as follows:

Vegetables - Fresh vegetables are rich in nutrients that meet the requirements for nutrient-dense foods are broccoli , kale , tomatoes , carrots and spinach .

Fruits - Those looking for a nutrient dense fruit - advised to eat apples , strawberries and oranges .

Products Wheat - wheat brown bread for breakfast is a good choice . You can choose whole grains such as wheat , barley or brown rice . These foods are rich in minerals and vitamins .

Low - Fat Dairy Products - Dairy products such as milk , yogurt or cheese are considered nutrient-dense foods , but be sure to choose products that contain very low fat . Ideally , fat -free dairy products need to order the ratio of calories / nutrients remain high .

Seafood - Consumption of fish is strongly recommended . You can eat salmon and tuna . The food is full of essential nutrients that can boost your energy levels . Additionally enriched with protein and Omega 3 essential fatty acids , fish is also beneficial for children in improving their network growth .

Nutrition Solid Foods To Lose Weight

As we all know , the key to losing weight is to manage your diet . One of them is by reducing foods that are too high in calories . In order to gradually reduce the number of calories each day , it is recommended to eat nutrient-dense foods . Reducing calories to lose weight does not mean starving ourselves to be made ​​, which actually makes you will experience a variety of health problems . The goal for weight loss can be achieved by incorporating nutrient-dense foods in the diet .

In a hectic lifestyle like this when people are looking for breakfast recipes that do not require a lot of effort and time . Some of the most nutrient dense foods that can be easily prepared are :

Sandwiches made ​​from bread wheat
Hard-boiled eggs
protein shakes
tomato salad
Processed and fried foods such as peanut butter and potato chips will never get into the list of nutrient dense food because it contains a number of unhealthy fats ( trans fats ) . Foods such as burgers , donuts and pastries ( rich sugar ) has few essential nutrients . Avoiding fast food and eating nutrient-dense foods , can keep your health for years to come .

Well, now let's incorporate nutrient-dense foods in the diet daily , in order to get a healthy body and helps us keep the weight of course .
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